Our mission

We produce and sell several types of sliding awnings, each product has its own characteristics, tasks and applications.

A cottage or country house is an important and for many people a favorite part of life. Probably every owner in the soul wants to make his house more comfortable and beautiful. Decorating the facade with awnings is an opportunity to emphasize the aesthetics of the object, and excellent sun protection. In our article we will talk about the use of sunshades in countryside construction.

Decorating the facade of a cottage or country house. Basket (dome) or shop window awnings are suitable for this purpose. Basket awning is an aluminum frame of semicircular or rectangular shape, covered with awning fabric. Essentially, it is a sun visor, which is used as a canopy over a window, entrance or porch. For our awnings we have chosen a high-tech tent fabric with a ten-year warranty (Dickson Constant, France). It does not burn out in the sun, is resistant to dirt, is not subject to fungus, rotting, and will please with a fresh look for many years.

Recently, basket awnings have become increasingly used as a canopy on the balcony, with large dimensions they provide sufficient shading area and are resistant to wind gusts.

Sun visors on the windows are another application for dome awnings. In addition to aesthetics and elegant appearance, you get reliable protection from the sun, overheating, rain and dirt.

Window awnings are also used (e.g. Joker, Inox), which look like a canopy. The convenience of this design is that it is possible to fix the awning in any position from 0 to 160 degrees. You can adjust the lighting and view yourself. This solution is particularly effective for sunny windows, houses with large glazing areas and open pergolas.

Elbow (retractable) awnings are suitable for outdoor verandas, terraces or swimming pools, which are essentially a sliding awning. They shade the space and create additional useful areas. A retractable awning is perhaps the most versatile sun protection option. It can be used as a sliding awning for the summer kitchen, veranda or terrace, a summer awning for a bath, it will protect from the sun and light rain.

In this case, your stay in the shade will be comfortable, because the cool breeze will blow you away. It is this design that is chosen as a retractable canopy by the pool, in hot, sunny weather the awning can be opened, and in the hours of moderate sunshine – folded. Any sliding awning can be automated, in which case it will react to the sun and open when necessary.

Thanks to the sliding awnings, it is possible to equip a cozy terrace at the entrance or a compact summer veranda on the lawn. But if you need a large area of shading, it is better to use the ready-made solution “Terrace”, which consists of a bearing base (farm) and elbow awnings, or the solution “Pergola Lux”.

Awnings for arbours are often used for additional protection of the room from the sun, rain, wind and snow. The most popular vertical transparent awnings for arbours, they keep the view, protecting from bad weather.

To create awnings in front of the gazebo, elbow awnings are suitable (in this case they act as a retractable awning), in the shade of which you can comfortably rest and sunbathe.
In any case, regardless of the budget and the decision, you will be pleased with the result, your favorite home will become even more beautiful and stay more comfortable!